The Quality and Security Management of OeSD

In order to meet our clients’ strict requirements regarding reliability, stability, soundness, quality and security, our prime objective is to make the highest possible quality and security in the company our standard. As such, it must be continuously challenged and critically scrutinized.

OeSD gains the trust of its clients by providing competent advice and services designed to meet the highest requirements. OeSD’s activities range from value products, security products, IT services, and project management up to individually tailored overall solutions. We offer our clients flexible and innovative solutions for their every need, which do not stop at the Austrian border.

Security measures are an integral part of our contractual arrangements.

Our employees’ awareness to share the burden of making the company successful and to be able to make independent decisions that are backed by the company as a whole reinforces our approach in quality control. For this strategy to be successful, employees need to trust each other, and good team communication, as well as efficient and well thought-through work processes with intelligent solutions relevant in practice, are absolutely essential.

OeSD runs a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 27001:2005, as well as a security management system according to ISO 14298:2013. This ensures that all requirements related to our products and services are met and controlled by the processes determined in the system.

OeSD’s quality and security management system is in line with all ISO norm requirements and gives a general overview of organisational structure and procedure, including responsibilities and competences within the system. This set of rules defines the measures and activities the management intends for the company in line with the systems of the ISO norm and establishes the guidelines for quality control, general security policy, environmentally conscious behaviour and achieving customer satisfaction.

The certifications

OeSD aims at continuously developing ist Quality and security Management System. By means of internal Audits, the System is periodically checked for completeness, effectiveness and practicability. Additional annual Audits made by external auditors ensure that the rules of quality and security are adhered to. Every three years, OeSD is fully recertified.


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